How Expensive is a Maine Coon Cat?

If you are a pet lover and prefer cats then you must know about the largest domestic cat breed, the Maine Coon. No doubt, it is also possible that you already know the attributes of this cat. That’s why you are here searching for the ‘Maine Coon cat price’, because you have made up your mind to buy one. 

Do you know why Maine Coon is a famous and favorite choice of many cat lovers in the US and other part of the globe? Because, unlike other cats, they are too much friendly, furry as well as intelligent. Maine Coons are not wholly dependent on their owners, they are very intelligent!

How Expensive is a Maine Coon Cat

Historically, the cat originated from Maine, located in United States, and that’s why we call it a Maine Coon Cat. It is believed that the Maine Coon ancestors arrived in the US with the Vikings.

Due to harsh winter conditions, they had developed large, long-haired coats, which we see today also, the largest hairiest cats, comfortable in cold climates. From the historical time to till date, Maine Coon Cats continue to be immensely popular and lovable globally. Therefore, if you are planning to keep a super-friendly cat, go for Maine Coon Cat!

While buying, if the question is arising in your mind ‘How Expensive Is a Maine Coon Cat?” then this blog will help you out with complete details about the cat breed and average price of Maine Coon cats.

How expensive is a Maine Coon cat

Factors Influencing Maine Coon Cat Prices

If you are looking for several options for buying a Maine Coon cat, you must see different prices with different breeders. Do you know why? The cost of Maine Coon Cat depends on several factors, which are mentioned below –

  1. Coat Colors – Buying a Maine Coon cat of rare color will cost you more. For example, some uncommon cat colors like silver or smoke will have higher prices, because they are rare.
  2. Geographical Location – The cost of Maine Coon Cat depends on the geographical location of the breeder. The demand and supply may vary depending on the region or country, which affects the price.
  3. Breed Purity – Maine Coon cat price also depends on the breed purity. It is obvious that the higher the breed purity of the cat is, the higher will be the price. You can always check the breed purity of the cats with the breeders while buying.
  4. Pedigree Status – Maine Coon’s pedigree status will always affect the price. The cat that has higher lineage or champion lines will cost you more, but those with fewer lineages are less priced.
  5. Breeder Reputation – Those breeders who are well established with a good track record of producing quality cats and kittens will have a higher price range of Maine Coon Cats. Because they use top-quality foods and provide the best medical care for the pets, investing extra effort in keeping the pets in high-quality environments.

Analyzing Price Ranges

While buying a Maine Coon cat, you must survey several breeders. In this way, you can find affordable or expensive Maine coon breeders in your area. But, to an estimate, if you are planning to buy a Maine Coon in the US, then the price range of Maine Coon cats will be around $800-$3500.

This is also a true fact that buying a Maine Coon cat is a little bit more expensive than any other cat breed. Do you know why? This is because of a premium factor, i.e. Maine Coon cat is not a common breed in cats. There are only limited breeders. And another premium factor lies in the expensive price range of Maine Coon cats’ i.e. due to the limited numbers of breeders, there is only a gap in demand and supply. Demand is higher but supply is limited.

While buying a Maine Coon cat, you must also consider additional expenses, which you will have to bear after buying the cat. This will include vaccination or veterinary costs, food and supplies, grooming, pet insurance or training, and behavioral classes.


Tips for Finding Affordable Maine Coon Cats

However, you can follow some tips by which you can fulfill your dream to have a Maine Coon cat at an affordable budget. Let’s have a look at these tips –

  1. Adoption and Rescue – One of the best cost-effective ways of getting a Maine Coon cat at an affordable option in adoption and rescue. If you adopt a Maine Coon cat, you can get it for a very minimum amount. And if you get a Main Coon cat from a shelter or rescue, you will have to spend from $150 to $500. Isn’t that great?
  2. Researching Reputable Breeders – Getting a Maine Coon cat from reputable breeders will help you in getting that cat at a reasonable cost. Reputable breeders won’t charge you a hefty amount, which you might think twice to pay.
  3. Utilizing Online Resources for Price Comparisons – You must also go for a price comparison of Maine Coon cats with other breeds. For this, you can utilize online resources as well as your offline references.
How expensive is a Maine Coon cat?

Hidden Expenses of Owning a Maine Coon Cat

If you are willing to own a Maine Coon Cat, then that’s always a good decision. Because you will be keeping the most popular cat breed as your pet. No matter, whether you buy or adopt a Maine Coon cat, you will need to be prepared to bear some extra hidden expenses of owning the cat. But, are you wondering how? Below mentioned are some of the hidden costs, which you must not ignore, especially when you have bought a new Maine Coon cat, welcoming in your family.

  1. Initial Costs – Obviously, the initial costs are known by every pet buyer. For example, if you are adopting a Maine Coon cat, then you will have to pay the adoption fees, which is of course one time. Apart from this, various setup or supplies costs must also be taken care of.
  2. Ongoing Care – For quality-based ongoing care for your Maine Coon cat, you will have to always spend some extra bucks. For example, $25 to $60 per month will be fixed for your kitten’s food. Vaccine costs will be around $30 to $60 each vaccine. For medical check-ups, your expense will be around $50 to $70 per visit. Also, you will have to spend some bucks for the grooming of your kitten.
  3. Consideration of a Long-Term Financial Commitment – Buying and keeping a Maine Coon cat requires a long term financial commitment. While buying a Maine Coon cat, don’t just look at the initial cost of a Maine Coon cat. You will have to commit yourself for all future expenses for your pet, because you have to take care just like your own baby.

Conclusion | How Expensive is a Maine Coon Cat

Once you have taken the decision of buying a Maine Coon cat, you must always commit yourself to be a responsible owner from every aspect, such as financial or caring. Keeping the well-being of your Maine Coon cat at first priority should always be done.

Being a responsible owner doesn’t only mean fulfilling the financial needs of your cat, but also building a good relationship with your pet. After you buy a Maine Coon cat, he will be your family member.

You will have to work on building trust, respect as well as mutual understanding. Once you have taken a step on providing your chosen Maine Coon cat, a loving home, then truly make it a loving home for your cat.

It is true that owning a Maine Coon cat is not cheap. But, if you love Maine Coon cats, then don’t step back because buying a Maine Coon cat is worth it. You will be buying a beautiful friend for yourself.

Yes, you heard it right! Beautiful friend because Maine Coon cats are too much friendly and loving. Their attributes of being loyal, intelligent, affectionate, and thriving on human companionship will never make you feel bored.

And, do you know about the best part? If you have other pets at your home, you will not have to worry about Maine Coon cats integrating with other pets. Because, Main Coon cats are very much adaptable and friendly, unlike other cat breeds.

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